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Yentna is your authentic outdoors connection where you can find avid outdoorsmen like yourself and read reports, blogs and book fabulous trips hosted by verified guides.

What is Yentna?

Yentna at its core, was built to create a marketplace that streamlined the research and booking experience for aspiring and avid outdoorsman and women. Until Yentna, the industry has been extremely fragmented. Anglers and sportsman looking to research and book guides around the world were frustrated and looking for a better solution. Once they found a guide, the process of booking them was still cumbersome and outdated.

As fate would have it, the guides, outfitters and lodges were frustrated with the old ways and were looking for a better solution as well. Until Yentna, an all in one solution to consolidate the public marketplace, provide quality reviews, and offer a convenient/streamlined booking solution didn’t exist. Sure, other websites provided a good place to advertise and drive quality leads, but that’s where the experience ended for both parties. Those sites charge high percentage fees to the guides when you book their services. Unfortunately in most cases, the guides were forced to increase their prices to make up for the service fee.

Our solution?

Yentna provides a lite version back office software (free to guides) and an upgraded high quality back office software to guides for a low monthly fee. Why is this important to you? Our software allows them to streamline their businesses and calendar system and run their business much more efficiently with half the effort it took previously. This allows them to focus on what they do best, being a top level guide and deliver an unforgettable experience. We also provide them a public marketplace to offer their services at no additional cost to the guide.

The winner? YOU and THE GUIDES

When we can offer a low cost online solution to the guide to run their business operations, they in turn can pass that savings back to you. The process is efficient and streamlined, and extremely easy to use for both parties. The costs are not increased to make up for the large service fee that’s being taxed to them on other sites. The guides are happy to do business with our mutual customers because their booking fees are 100% theirs whether they book 1 trip or 30.

Why Book Guides on Yentna

Guides on Yentna are held to higher standard. Yentna staff verifies all guides listings and profiles before they are allowed to go live. We also monitor their reviews, and police bad actors. We expect guides to deliver on the experience that they promised you when they listed their services on our site. Guides who are utilizing our “Instant Book” feature are required to have a business Paypal account. All transactions are processed and protected by Paypal. Paypal uses bank level security to ensure your financial information is always secure. Yentna does not see, hold or manage any of your private information, everything is sent straight to Paypal as soon as you input your information.