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Yentna provides a lite version back office software (free to guides) and an upgraded high quality back office software to guides for a low monthly fee. Why is this important to you? Our software allows you to streamline your businesses and calendar system and run your business much more efficiently with half the effort it took previously.

Get started in 3 easy steps
  • 1
    Pick your Plan

    You can list your services on Yentna 100% Free for life or choose to upgrade to the Yentna Pro subscription plan at anytime.

  • 2
    Complete the Sign-up Wizard

    We walk you through the complete setup process. You’ll create your first listing, setup your preferred method of payment, and add your verification documents.

  • 3
    Start Booking Clients

    Once your Listing is live, you are ready to start booking customers. Guests can book you from your trips detail page, place the links to your trip booking pages on your website or your Facebook Business Page or you can book your guests directly from your Yentna dashboard. One system, One Calendar, One Payment Tool.

Yentna is committed to 3 things
  • 1 Building a two sided marketplace that delivers a best in class search experience

    In order to deliver prospective clients what they are truly searching for we provide client reviews, an up to date guide calendar, incredible photos and up to date trip reports in one one easy to use location. We help you bring your online presence into the 21st century.

  • 2 An online payment experience that drastically speeds up transactions

    Giving clients the ability to view your up to date calendar online, pick an available date and submit their payment information drastically improves their overall experience, and will increase the volume of bookings you do year over year. You’ll always reserve the right to accept or decline a booking.

  • 3 Simplifying Calendar Management for Guides

    Giving guides the ability to book, process credit cards, and schedule on their calendar both on the front end (Yentna public facing website, Facebook business page or your personal website) or the back end (from your dashboard when a customer calls or messages) streamlines the entire process for the guide and removes a huge customer frustration. Oh, and we have a 2-way calendar integration that allows you to connect your gmail, outlook, icalendar, or exchange email to Yentna’s calendar so you never double book yourself again.

What Other Guides Are Saying

Payments Made Simple

  • Charge what you want

    What you charge is always 100% up to you. It's your business, you should be able to decide what price you charge for your services. We do highly suggest viewing your competitors listings and trying to stay within a competitive range.

  • Zero Fees

    There’s $0 fees to sign up! Yentna Standard accounts will charge the customer a 6% service fee + Standard Credit Card processing charges on any bookings, but will always remain 100% free for the guide. Yentna Pro Guide accounts can pay a low monthly subscription fee and remove the Yentna 6% service fee and take back end shared bookings.

  • Get Paid Fast

    All deposits are sent directly to your PayPal or bank account upon a successful booking. The remaining funds are escrowed by Yentna and deposited through PayPal or directly to your bank account on the date of the trip. Yentna has a custom integration with Stripe for all direct bank deposits.