Opinion: My take on Cameron Hanes recent discussion of the importance of Bear Hunting

Cameron Hanes is an incredible asset to the hunting community. The amount of positive exposure and well informed arguments he makes on behalf of the hunting community is countless at this point. I don't think there are many hunters out there that would argue against that statement. Unfortunately in today’s world, men and women like Cameron are necessary to the survival of a cherished and necessary tradition. Too many uninformed people who have access to very public podiums, have spread uninformed personal opinions that hunting is just about killing. Here’s one I’ve heard so many times, that is it has become sigh worthy when I hear it…

"Did that animal really need to die when you can just go buy that meat at the store."

Here's a hint for the uninformed, yes it did.  It's NOT about KILLING. It is however, about proper conservation, ensuring that predator numbers are kept in equal balance as the number of shared prey. His opinion on grizzly hunting might be debatable for some, but at the same time at least he has an opinion based off factual numbers provided from credible sources. More importantly, he is bringing awareness to the subject on a very public platform. Obviously the recent death of a few archery hunters is bringing a renewed spotlight on this subject and more people will start to rattle of their very misinformed opinions, further diluting truth seekers ability to distinguish fact from fiction.

Personally, I am with Cameron Hanes on this subject. Predator control is important, but it is also imperative there is a mutual respect between wildlife and humans. If we really put it into perspective, the animals and humans who are not hunting, must coexist in the areas they periodically co-occupy. Also, as a hunter, it is also true that you must accept the risk of what dangers await the moment you step into the woods with wildlife. If you are expecting to hunt, and not possibly be hunted, then you my friend have a flawed logic on hunting.  We'd love to hear your opinion. Share it below

"I think the bear in the lower 48, the Grizzly, they lack that certain fear of man. I think that needs to be re-established" - Cameron Hanes

  Written By: Colby Culbertson - He is the CEO/Co-Founder of Yentna.com, an avid hunter and angler.

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