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Yentna at its core, was built to create a marketplace that streamlined the research and booking experience for aspiring and avid outdoorsman and women. Until Yentna, the industry has been extremely fragmented. Anglers and sportsman looking to research and book guides around the world were frustrated and looking for a better solution. Once they found a guide, the process of booking them was still cumbersome and outdated.


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    The Art of the Drop In

    A sudden urge. An incessant feeling. A dragging sensation that pulls at the very core of your being. You will have the best hunt of your season. All you need to do is pack your bag and grab your bow. The only problem? All summer you scouted and poure...

    September 05, 20180

    Video: 60 seconds of Archery D...

    In Honor of deer season now being open for 2018 in most area's across the US, we wanted to share Red Arrow TV's video showing 60 seconds of archery kill shots!      Source: Red Arrow...

    September 04, 20180

    Video: Spear Fishing Double Ki...

    Awesome GoPro shot of spearfisherman getting a double kill with a single shot.      Originally Posted by: SpearPro Spearsishing...

    September 03, 20180